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Often when a product is unmatched in the marketplace with its uniqueness and quality, it takes off faster than its branding. From the first time CliC's hit stores, they were a success. 

CliC glasses opening and closing with front magnetic connection.

As customers purchased them, they would forget the brand name, CliC, and instead describe the recognizable action known only to CliC... "click it." When telling others about the product, or when trying to find another pair customers would name what you do to put them on and take them off, you click it.

CliC Logo

We committed ourselves to brand the CliC logo and make a statement with its bold lettering and the pop of red. As a matter of fact, the letter C that bookends the word create a shape of a magnet... our determination was fierce and we wanted our logo to encompass the CliC experience.

But over the years, we would continue to hear customers say "you know, the glasses where you click it open and closed," or "where can I get those readers, you know the click it ones?" And we decided it didn't have to be one or the other. We were both... Click is our sound, but CliC is our brand.

So in 2022 we followed the lead of our customers and adopted the click it action as a trademarked tagline of our brand. 

Whether you recognize CliC, call them click its, or describe how you "click it" to take them on and off... the product is the same; durable, unique and always around you.
October 13, 2022