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We get it. You see the ad. It features a model with a perfectly symmetrical face and a head as round as a beach ball, perfectly proportioned to their slightly smaller than average body type. They are wearing a pair of stylish glasses with this one-of-a-kind magnetic connection. You can't help but see yourself in them, but then remember the one-size-fits-all hat you tried last summer that you could barely squeeze on and caused an immediate headache.

As someone who has NEVER fit into a one-size-fits-all item - I get you!

It's a question we are familiar with, "do CliC glasses come in a larger size?" And the short answer is, YES! There are a few ways we can ensure CliCs are for even the largest head types. First is by helping you identify your size according to our CliC sizing system. Once we confirm where you land, we will introduce you to larger CliC styles, the ones that are intended for larger head shapes.

Our CliC frames can be searched by size, but first you'll want to know what size you are. Using a string or measuring tape, measure around your head, starting and ending where you would like your glasses to sit on your nose. That number (in inches) is going to determine your frame size. Once you have that number, simply fit it into our size chart and you can shop accordingly. 

Under 22" S Shop S Collection
22" - 22.5" Shop M Collection
22.5" - 23" M or L Shop M-L Collection
23" - 23.5" L Shop L Collection
23.5" - 24"  L or XL  Shop L-XL Collection
24" - 24.5"  XL  Shop XL Collection
Over 24.5" XXL  Shop XXL Collection


For those of you who still need a little bit more room, we have a few more tricks up our sleeve to expand our sizing.

All of our frames have adjustable temples. This feature provides you flexibility to size your glasses and create additional length. When reading in bed, your glasses may sit lower on your nose, causing need for you to add length to the temples to achieve the most ideal fit. But when you're at your desk, looking at your computer, you may find a shorter temple extension is most appealing. 

For an even larger fit, select styles within the CliC collections offer an expandable size which features the extra width adjustment. So if you feel restricted with hats and headbands, you may want to consider a pair of expandable CliCs. This feature is your invitation to adjust your CliC glasses even further so they fit comfortably for you. If you prefer your CliC eyewear with an expandable headband, you can shop those select styles here.

What a relief to know that regardless of your head size, CliC has a size option for you. And with our extensive collection of frame styles and colors, it's just a matter of time before you'll be modeling your CliCs too.

March 30, 2023