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Man reading book with CliC readers on

As you age, you might find reading more difficult than it used to be. Even if you have perfect vision otherwise, needing glasses for reading is expected when you reach around age 40. Getting a stylish pair of reading glasses can help you dive into your favorite books or read the newspaper without strain.

Finding the proper reading glasses strength is a detailed process. There's a wide scale of strengths to shop from, and if you're new to reading glasses, it's a whole other world of vision care. To help provide reference of magnification strengths, Optometrists have made some generalizations about the strength of reading glasses needed at certain ages (this may differ if you already have a prescription).

  • Ages 40–49: +1.00 to +1.50 magnification.
  • Ages 50–59: +1.50 to +2.25 magnification.
  • Ages 61 and up: +2.25 to +3.50 magnification.
But we believe it's best to find your personalized magnification strength. To successfully do this, we recommend using our reading glass eye chart to discover what will ease the common symptoms of aging eyes; eye strain, stop headaches, and relieve squinting when reading.

How to Use the CliC Eye Chart Method

  • Print this Strength Chart at actual (100%) size.
  • Hold the chart at your desired distance (see illustration below).
  • Read the chart (without glasses) from the top down. Move down, line by line and when you can read a full line clearly, look at the strength listed and place your order.  

What if your Eyes Need Different Strengths?

Woman with hand over eye performing CliC readers eye test

Did the eye chart test prove that your eyes are not identical? No worries, you're not alone. We have many customers who need a different magnification strength in each eye. CliC offers custom lenses for your left and right eye - you simply need to shop our Custom Collection and select what you need. Our team will make the perfect pair for you.

Just be sure you perform the eye chart test one eye at a time. First, cover one eye, and see which line is most legible. Then, repeat this process for your second eye.

It is our priority to find you the perfect pair of readers. Whether we are helping you determine your magnification, identify the headband type that's best for your lifestyle, or adjust the CliC temples for your perfect fit - we can't wait for you to love your CliCs. It's time to browse the right frame for you...

    February 24, 2023