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with a non-magnified lens on the top.


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Understanding CliC Bifocals

Bifocal lenses are a remarkable innovation in the world of eyewear, designed to address the visual needs of individuals who require near vision correction. CliC bifocal lenses serve two distinct optical needs within a single pair of glasses. The bottom of our lenses provide your preferred magnification while the top of the lens is non-magnified for crystal clear viewing.

Bifocals effectively bridge the gap between near and far vision, enhancing overall visual comfort and convenience for those with multifocal vision needs.

And although we recognize that aging has its hindrances, reading glasses doesn't have to be one of them. CliC Bifocals are arguably the most convenient, comfortable readers available. Not convinced, purchase a pair and see for yourself. With CliC, exchanges and returns are always free, so you have nothing to worry about.

When would I use bifocals?

Bifocals eliminate the constant need to put on readers and take them off. Whether it's checking a smartphone screen, reading a menu, or driving, bifocal lenses offer a seamless visual solution that ensures individuals can engage in upclose tasks with clarity and ease.

Meanwhile, the top portion provides clear, unaltered vision for tasks like driving or walking, enabling individuals to maintain a broad field of view and navigate their surroundings safely.

What's really changing in my eyes?

As we age, our bodies undergo various changes, and our eyes are no exception to this natural progression. In our youth, the lens inside our eyes, positioned just behind the iris and pupil, is exceptionally flexible. It effortlessly adjusts its shape as we shift our gaze from distant to close objects, allowing us to focus quickly across various ranges. However, like many other parts of our bodies, this lens gradually loses its flexibility and becomes rigid. This loss of flexibility is precisely what leads to a common age-related vision condition known as presbyopia.

Presbyopia, characterized by the rigidity of the eye's lens, results in a diminished ability to focus on near objects. Fortunately, this condition can be effectively addressed with the use of non-prescription reading glasses, such as CliC's bifocal lenses. If your distance vision remains clear and sharp, these glasses, available in appropriate strength options, can compensate for the reduced flexibility of your lens.

*The lack of flexibility in the lens causes of presbyopia, which leads to the need for reading glasses.

What makes CliCs unique?

Our unbeatable customer service is what truly distinguishes us from other eyewear companies, and if you're hesitating about placing an order, don't hold back any longer! We assure you that the experience and the product will exceed your expectations.

Speaking specifically about our glasses, the unique magic of our eyewear begins with the incorporation of our innovative front magnetic connection. These patented frames offer an easy on, easy off motion thanks to our convenient magnetic front, simplifying your eyewear experience. With adjustable temples that provide flexibility to find your perfect fit, and an expandable headband that ensures optimum comfort, we understand that you're not a one-size-fits-all type of person, and neither are your CliC bifocals. Discover the convenience and comfort of our eyewear, and you'll see why we stand out in the world of vision solutions.