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Slastik Blue Blockers with anti-reflection lenses offer great visual quality and comfort for those who spend many hours in front of a screen.  


Slastik Readers are designed so that you can focus on what is important, they're not just any pair of glasses! Enjoy the comfort and convenience while wearing or hanging them around your neck.

Magnetic front connection

Magnetic Front Connection

Strong front connection: 4,800 Gauss strength magnet with antioxidant, anti-sweat, and anti-salt water coating

Adjustable Temples

Adjustable Temples

All Slastik eyewear is designed to adjust at the temples for a perfect fit.

Optical Quality

Optical Quality

Lenses can be replaced by most prescriptions thanks to the Rilsan Clear G850 Polyamide frame and polycarbonate lenses

Flexible foldable headband

Flexible Headband

Soft, foldable headband provides a perfect fit to your head and allows the glasses to be completely folded.

Bio Based

Bio Based

Made with renewable raw materials. They not only adapt to your head, they adapt to the planet.

Blue Blockers

Blue Light Blocking

Helps reduce the effect of blue light on the eyes for those who spend many hours in front of a screen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Relaxing Eyes

I love my new glasses! My eyes are relaxed, and don’t get watery or burn after being on the computer. So glad I made this purchase.

Ewok Blueblockers

Great glasses, wish the temple-piece/frame joint had a little more hinge action.

CliC Blue Blocker Perfection

I've been cycling through different blue light computer glasses for some time. So much time that now I need magnification with them! (1x) The benefit of the built-in lanyard aside, these CliC's are the perfect blend of my two needs, and with great clarity. I don't experience distortion and they are comfortable wearing for many hours straight. This is my 3rd pair of CliC brand reading glasses (to cover needs at office, home, and fishing!) and I will be a customer for life. Thanks!

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These CliC’s are awesome

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