Are you holding materials further away to see them better?
Check out our wide selection of reading glasses.


Is it time for readers?

If you find yourself looking at a book, text or recipe up close, and then adjusting the distance multiple times so the words come in to focus, it is probably time for you to purchase or update your readers.

And although we recognize that aging has its hindrances, reading glasses doesn't have to be one of them. CliC Readers are arguably the most convenient, comfortable readers available. Not convinced, purchase a pair and see for yourself. With CliC, exchanges and returns are always free, so you have nothing to worry about.

What's really changing in my eyes?

Everyone's body changes as they age, and your eyes are no exception. When you are young, the lens inside your eye (located behind the iris and pupil) is quite flexible, and it flexes as you look at close objects. This flexing is really your eyes way of accommodating you to change focus quickly, at many different ranges. Over time the lens becomes less flexible (like most of our body) and becomes rigid, no longer allowing your eyes to accommodate near vision. This condition (of the lens becoming rigid) is known as presbyopia. 

Thankfully, this condition can easily be corrected by using non-prescription reading glasses, like CliC's. If your vision is otherwise good, the appropriate strength readers will help compensate the increased rigidness of your lens. The glasses lens will correct  diminished vision and aid in focusing on up-close objects, such as words in a book, text messages or smartphone reading.

*The lack of flexibility in the lens causes of presbyopia, which leads to the need for reading glasses.

What makes CliCs unique?

For starters... our unbelievable customers service sets us far apart from other eyewear companies. So if you're having reservations about ordering, just go ahead and do it! We promise you won't regret the experience or the product.

Speaking specifically to our product, the unique magic begins with our convenient magnetic front. This technology makes for an easy on, easy off motion. The adjustable temples provides you with flexibility to find your perfect fit. And the expandable headband really helps you find your sweet spot when it comes to comfort, you're not a one-size-fits-all type of person and neither are your CliCs.