5 Reasons Why Tradesmen
Love CliC Glasses

Your work is exhausting... locating your readers shouldn't be.


5 Reasons Tradesmen
Love CliC Glasses

5 Reasons Why CliC is CLEARLY #1

Can't live without 'em

"Best readers for being in the trades, I put these on at least a dozen times a day, never have to worry about looking for them since they are always right around my neck."

Best invention ever!

"Hands down the best pair of reading glasses I’ve ever owned. On or off your face, they stay put, which is big for me because I’m a maintenance mechanic. I’ll never buy anything else!"

Long-time customer

"Most comfortable and long lasting readers I've ever had. Been wearing them for 10 years. I’m in the field daily as an electrician and these things are the best thing since sliced bread!"


Conveniently Travel Job-to-Job With You

CliCs travel around your neck, so you never leave them behind. With CliC's permanent headband feature, you can say goodbye to the days of setting your glasses down and forgetting where. Experience convenience like never before.


The Most Indispensable Tool

Designed with a permanent headband, magnetic connection and adjustable temples, CliC's are an essential tool for people who are constantly needing their readers on the job. Whether they are in use or resting around your neck, it’s one quick motion that makes life with glasses easier.


Crafted for Every Work Environment

Whether you're a plumber, carpenter, or mechanic, rest assured that your CliC glasses will withstand even the roughest of behaviors. Made from top-quality materials, they are designed to hold up well under any wear and tear. So go ahead, throw them in your toolbox - when you put them back on, they'll return to their original shape and provide you with the same comfortable fit.


Risk-Free Purchase

Life has enough risks, we think you deserve a risk-free purchase. The durability of our features is unmatched and we stand behind the product with a 60 day guarantee and 6 month warranty. And did we mention our free exchanges, free returns policy?

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Your Colleagues are Convinced

★★★★★ "This is my second pair. First one still going strong. No scratches on lenses even though they live around my neck on a farm. Working on the tractor, woodworking, herding livestock, fishing, motor grease, getting yanked off my neck repeatedly, sweating in Florida… just absolute abuse. Yet, no damage and going strong for at least 5 yrs now. Worth every penny and then some!"

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See why thousands of tradesmen are convinced that CliCs are the best solution for your work environment.

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Every Day. Every Order.

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Not completely satisfied? Exchange or return within 60 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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Your complete satisfaction is our priority and we stand behind all of our products with a 6 month warranty.

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