How do I use a  PROMO CODE?

This option is available during checkout before applying payment. Only one promo code can be used per order. 

How can I see my PAST ORDERS?

To view order history, edit addresses or track your orders click HERE to log in or create an account. 

How do I CARE for my glasses?

All CliC glasses should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. You can use lens cleaner on the lenses. DO NOT submerge the glasses in water. For the CliC Protective you can clean the lenses with soap and water or isopropyl alcohol to disinfect. 


The unique patented neodymium magnetic system allows the glasses to come together at the bridge. The head band is form-fitting and wraps around your head to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. Putting them on is simple. Just place the band around your head and let the magnets draw together at the bridge. Want to take them off? No problem. Just pull the magnets apart and the glasses will hang comfortably around your neck. Once CliC eyewear is around your neck they are almost impossible to misplace.  

How do I REPLACE MY LENSES in my glasses?

Face your frames away from you.  Start by taking your thumbs and press against the area where the nose piece and the lens meet to pop the lens out (if experiencing difficulty use a hair dryer to minimally heat frames).  Turn your frames around so they are facing you.  Take your new lens and insert starting at the ear and snap into place.

What is BIO BASED? 

Biobased Materials Renewable raw materials represent a strategic opportunity both for the environment and for Slastik product development. The Rilsan line has burgeoned since its debut, adding fine powders for coatings, in addition to clear (Rilsan® Clear) and high temperature (Rilsan® HT) grades . Today it is the most complete line of biosourced, high-performance polyamides available. Through its timeless nature, Rilsan® looks towards the future more than ever. Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew® polyamide Is widely a high performance resin for demanding applications. This polymer is Biobased, processed from castor oil. Rilsan® Clear G850 Rnew® is a transparent polyamide with a high thermal resistance which helps with the adjustment and assembly of the prescription lenses (it can be heated up to 40°C), outstanding chemical and stress cracking resistance. This resins are ideally suited for optical solutions with high performance properties giving transparency, clarity, lightweight, flexibility, comfort and durability. Pebax® offers the widest range of performances (mechanical, chemical, processing) among thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). It provides the best compromise of characteristics: most versatile processability, lightest weight, widest range of flexibility and exceptional physical properties and chemical resistance. *All Slastik Readers are Bio Based besides the Nashi and Taku styles