Slastik Readers...Focus on Relevant

Forget what you are wearing and start to focus on what is important.

Front Magnetic Connection

Slastik Readers contain neydymium magnets with 4,800 GAUSS of power and antioxidant, anti-sweat and anti-salt water coating.

Flexible Band

Slastik Readers are the only front magnetic glasses equipped with a flexible band which provides the perfect fit to your head and allows them to be completely folded.

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Slastik Sunglasses...Sport Proof

UV Proof

100% UV lenses provide protection against ultraviolet light.

FALL Proof

Flexible strap for a perfect fit to the head and adjustable rim and magnetic front closure to ensure maximum hold.


Lenses made with polycarbonate, an organic material ten times more shock resistant than other conventional materials.

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Slastik Blue Blockers...Protect

Blue Light Protection

Exclusive diopter lenses offer great visual quality and comfort to those who spend many hours in front of a screen.

Available both with and without diopters in many styles and colors.

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