Slastik Reader Denga

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Our unique patented neodymium magnetic system allows the glasses to come together at the bridge. The head band is form-fitting and wraps around your head to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. Putting them on is simple. Just place the band around your head and let the magnets draw together at the bridge.

Want to take them off? No problem. Just pull the magnets apart and the glasses will hang comfortably around your neck.

Front Magnetic Connection

4800 Gauss strength magnet with antioxidant, anti-sweat and anti-salt water coating provides a strong front connection.

Soft & Foldable Headband

Double-injection flexible elastomeric headband provides a comfortable, perfect fit to your head and allows the glasses to be completely folded into a case.

Adjustable Temples

All of our eyewear is designed to adjust at the temples with a simple pull to provide a perfect fit.

Optical Quality

These anti-reflective acrylic lenses can be replaced with your own prescription if needed thanks to the Rilsan ClearG850 Polyamide durable frame.


All CliC Eyewear is designed to adjust at the temples for a perfect fit. If a certain style says it is a S-L that means it is a "Small" when the temples are closed and a "Large" when the temples are fully extended.

Frame width Frame width Lens width Lens width Lens height Lens height Bridge width Bridge width Temple length Adjustable temple length Frame width Headband type
XL-XXL 5 3/4 in 1 3/4 in 1 5/8 in 5/8 in 7 3/4 to 8 5/8 in Soft
Frame width Frame width 5 3/4 in
Lens width Lens width 1 3/4 in
Lens height Lens height 1 5/8 in
Bridge width Bridge width 5/8 in
Temple length Temple length 7 3/4 to 8 5/8 in
Headband Type Frame width Soft

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
J Spellings
Love my Clics

Dengas fit big heads. Hat size 7 and 7/8.
Go for it. You won't regret it.

gregory LOWNDS
Love them

Have been using clic for years. All my previous pairs broke in the neck reagion. These have a firm but soft rubber cord ,as well as stylish frame and lenses.A great upgrade from the hard plastic.

Jay Kay
Good quality but short lanyard

This is very well made - I am very please with the quality materials and attention to detail. However, I was expecting the lanyard portion to be longer - this is not a deal breaker for me because the quality out weighs a shorter than expected lanyard.

Tim Saling
Best service I have ever experienced! The glasses are pretty fantastic too.

I have been a long time wearer of Clic glasses and was excited to try the Slastik version. They are just as fantastic as I expected and are far more comfortable than the Clic’s. After a few weeks, the frame had a small break that seemed like it could be a defect so I sent pictures to see if they might be covered by the warranty. I received an immediate response form Patricia with an apology for the trouble and thanking me for my patronage. The next email in my inbox had shipping information for the replacements showing me that they were shipped within minutes of receiving my email.

Strangely enough, the same thing happened with the replacements so I figured that was the end my warranty since they had already replaced my original pair of glasses. My past experience with other companies was that they would try to blame me for being too rough or something. I emailed again just to let them know and planned on ordering a pair of Clics. Once again Patricia immediately responded within minutes. She apologized again and explained that this has never happened before. She was so nice about the whole thing, not only sending another pair of Slatiks but also the matching version in Clics.

The new pair of Slastik glasses are doing fine, so I guess it was an anomaly. The most important thing is that now I know where to buy my glasses from now on.

Patricia, you are a ROCK STAR 🤩 and I truly appreciate you. I hope your boss knows how great you are and appreciates you too.

Ben Close

Slastik Reader Denga

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