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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Doug Steward
Great improvement over the older style!

I can now wear my CliC glasses to bed!! The new soft back doesn't push the glasses' off my face any more. The fit and finish are fantastic. They look like very sophisticated and expensive glasses.
Slastik readers don't hurt the sides of my head anymore due to how the fit is more natural. Also after I clean them and snap them back together I don't get that splash of cleaning liquid all over the lens from the magnetic joint like the old style did.
Working outside in the Florida summer has really shown how much better the Slastik style is over the older solid version. Just an Awesome pair of reading glasses.

Charles O Cox
Soft neck!

Like the flexible, soft neck piece much better than the hard plastic of the earlier readers.

Audrey Jones
My Favorite Pair of Clics Yet!!!

I have been wearing Clic eyewear 4+ years. I love Clic Eyewear so much! I was tired of readers falling off my head and never being able to find a pair when needed.
Clics are always around my neck where I can find them. The arm size adjustments allow me to keep glasses secure while climbing, bending, reaching, leaning, running etc. This is so important in my line of work. I love this pair of Slastiks!!! The flexible band fits into a smaller case and also allows me to laying on my back looking up without the glasses popping forward.
Great Product and Outstanding Service and why have purchased at least 25 pair as gifts and for myself.
Years ago I purchased CliC Reader Polarized glasses and bummed I didn’t see them in current product line. 😕

mark browning
Slastik is a nice improvement

I have several of the original Clic readers and have been very pleased with them. The new Slastic readers are an improvement over an already great product. More comfortable to wear and more stylish as well. highly recommend.

Chip Wolfe
Great Fit, Great Look

I really like my Slastik Reader Trevi. They fit nicely and are comfortable to wear for long periods. I love the fact that I have them with me when I need them (no looking around for my readers). They also look great. Thumbs up on these readers and I highly recommend to others.

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