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There is a sea of options out there when it comes to buying glasses. Many offer the same lens types; readers, progressives, sun readers, sunglasses… and many offer similar styles. But no other glasses company offers the technology of CliCs.  

CliC provides a product that improves the entire glasses experience because finding the right style and lens type is only part of the glasses journey.  

  1. Adjustable Temples
Adjustable temple image (gif) to show expansion of CliC temples.

Sometimes you want your glasses to fit differently depending on your activity. The exclusive adjustable temple feature found on all CliC frames provides flexibility to size your glasses in the moment. When reading in bed, your glasses may sit lower on your nose, causing need for you to add length to the temples to achieve the most ideal fit. But when you're at your desk, looking at your computer, you may find a shorter temple extension is most appealing. Your CliC eyewear is not a one-size-fits-all solution, it's designed to be your solution.

  1. Headband Options
    Image of man from the side with CliC glasses on, showing a rigid headband style.

CliC eyewear offers a permanent headband on all glasses, but these headbands come in two styles. Each one offers unique benefits. Which is best? Well, that depends on who you ask. We have customers who love the soft, some who swear by the rigid, and others who simply couldn't decide - so they own both. 

  • SOFT: The soft headband styles are made with a flexible, elastomeric material which allows them to be completely folded into a case. Whether you're resting your head against the couch or pillow, our soft band hugs the back of your head and provides flexibility to keep your CliCs from pushing forward or shifting placement. 
  • RIGID: Our rigid headband styles are ready to withstand even the roughest (and most careless) behaviors because CliC glasses are made with incredibly durable material. So go ahead, toss them in your briefcase, throw them in your toolbox - when you put them back on, they'll return to their original shape and provide you with the comfortable fit you expect. 
  1. Headband Width Expansion
    Image that shows the steps to expand the CliC headband.
For an even larger fit, select styles within the CliC collections offer an expandable size which features the extra width adjustment. This feature is your invitation to adjust your CliC glasses even further, so they work perfectly for you. The expansion adds multiple ways for you to find the comfort you deserve in a pair of glasses.
June 01, 2022