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The most convenient way to wear sunglasses.
Always around you and ready for every adventure.


What makes CliC Sunglasses different?

That's a fair question. From the looks of the product, you might think they have the same features as ordinary sunglasses with a headband. And as much as we like to brag about the look of CliC's, that's not necessarily what makes them unique... and better.

CliC sunglasses share three features that all CliC glasses have; adjustable temples, a magnetic front connection and a permanent headband. These three exclusive features are what make CliC sunglasses so exceptional.

It's always sunglasses season.

Eye protection is important regardless of what the temperature is outside. As long as the sun is shining, you don't want to forget your sunglasses. And the unique functionality of CliC frames ensures your glasses are always nearby. CliCs make it it easy to protect your eyes whether you are in the company of snowflakes or on the beach.

Are Sunglasses really that important?

Sure, sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, but is that really so important? Well, since you asked, daily exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays can significanly increase your risk for chronic eye conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration or blurred vision. Wearing sunglasses every day, every time you're outside can help your eyes stay healthier, longer.

Beyond the protection from the sun, sunglasses create a physical barrier from wind, blowing dust, sand and other debris that can irritate your eyes or scratch the cornea. In addition, a quality pair of sunglasses can help you see better, which means you are driving, riding a bike or participating in an activity safer, with more enjoyment. So as you settle in to the idea of wearing sunglasses more often, you can imagine why finding a comfortable pair of glasses that are nearby and convenient is important.

What is the difference between polarized lenses and non-polarized?

It's a term we all like to use, but not everyone understands... so let's talk about polarization. Light travels in both horizontal and vertical waves. When those waves are reflected off things like water, snow or a shiny car, the light waves bounce back - creating glare. Polarized CliC lenses ave a special chemical applied to filter the horizontal light waves. By allowing only one direction of light waves through, you see an image a bit darker but much crisper and clearer. Most CliC sunglasses offer a polarized lens option. Go ahead and order a pair, because with CliC, exchanges and returns are always free, so you have nothing to worry about.