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Glasses with our most durable headband style.
Designed to withstand the roughest care and return to their original, comfortable shape.

The CliC® Headband Benefits


All CliC eyewear offers the magnetic front connection, adjustable temples, and permanent headband features. With the permanent headband, we offer two types; the soft Slastik® headband and the rigid CliC® headband more familiar to CliC customers.

The rigid CliC® headband style is ready to withstand even the roughest (and most careless) behaviors because CliC glasses are made with incredibly durable material. So go ahead, toss them in your brief case, throw them in your toolbox - when you put them back on, they'll return to their original shape and provide you with the comfortable fit you expect. 

In comparison, soft Slastik® headband style is made with a flexible, elastomeric material which allows them to be completely folded into a case. Whether you're resting your head against the couch or pillow, our soft band hugs the back of your head and provides flexibility to keep your CliCs from pushing forward or shifting placement. With the front magnetic technology, the Slastik® headband is designed to accommodate all headband movement and positioning. Customers find that they love the soft feature of the Slastik® design.

Is the soft or rigid headband best? Well, that depends on who you ask! We have customers who love the soft, some who swear by the rigid, and others who simply couldn't decide - so they own both.