Spending hours in front of a digital screen?
Check out our blue light blocking collection of readers.


What is Blue Light?

Blue-violet light is expended by digital screens and reaches deeper into the eye than other light. When there is overexposure, it can lead to visual health problems. It is necessary to give it the importance it has and find solutions.

All our styles from our Blue Blocker + Readers collection are high-quality and include blue light blocking technology in their lenses. If you find yourself working in front of a screen for hours each day, then our Blue Blockers + Readers are the perfect solution for you. With the added feature of a front magnetic connection, these glasses are a great solution for taking them on and off! Wearing computer glasses or reading glasses that block blue light is a way to reduce the risks we assume when spending a lot of time in front of a screen. 

How do Blue Light Blockers work?

Blue light lenses are treated with a filter which acts as a barrier to blue light waves.

Our blue light collection has technology which reflects the blue-light rays from entering your eyes. A necessary solution to protect your eye health.

With the increase in digital screen time, our eyes are experiencing over-exposure which can lead to problems such as headaches, eye fatigue, difficulty concentrating, blurred vision, and more.

Did you know?

Most people spend more than 8 hours a day looking at a screen whether a mobile phone, television, tablet or computer. 


And studies show 67% of American adults use two devices simultaneously.

All of that screen time has a negative effect on your eyes. The overexposure of blue light results in eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, difficulty concentrating and irritated eyes. A pair of CliC Blue Blocker + Readers can help solve these blue light problems.

Are CliC Blue Blockers effective?

There are a large variety of tests which can show the effectiveness of blue light glasses. Because blue light waves are measured on a spectrum, ranging from 380nm (nanometers) to 500nm, it can be difficult to find a test which adequately measures effectiveness across the board. This is why purchasing blue light glasses from a trusted source is important.

Most clear blue light lenses filter between 5% and 40% of the blue light spectrum that affects your eyes negatively. CliC Blue Blockers are designed to block a percentage of blue light wavelengths. The emissions of blue light rays ranges between 30% and 35%, depending on the CliC frame style.

Considering the variables which effect the results of online blue light tests, our collection of Blue Blockers will show a range of results.