We’ve all been there. You reach to the top of your head for your glasses only to realize they aren’t there… followed by a frantic search to find them.

It’s a relatable game of hide and seek that anyone who wears glasses can knows all too well. Fortunately, the exclusive technology of a CliC frame makes wearing (and finding) glasses much easier.

CliC exclusive diagram of top features.

  1. Always Around You

All CliC frames are designed with a permanent headband which ensures your glasses won’t be left behind. Unique to CliC, this headband has features to ensure comfort. In addition to both firm and flexible styles, options exist for an expandable headband. This adds multiple ways for you to find the comfort you deserve in a pair of glasses, while keeping them nearby. 

  1. Comfortable On, Even When They’re Off

Often with a headband, glasses feel restricting or uncomfortable while they are hanging around you. They lack breathing room as they encircle your neck can cause you to feel limited in movement and comfort. CliC frames provide a solution to this bothersome problem. The front magnetic connection allows for CliC glasses to lay around your neck without restriction. As the lenses separate, the headband serves its purpose of keeping your glasses always around you, while openly laying comfortably around your neck. 

  1. Easy on, Easy Off Motion

CliC glasses are the only product on the market that provides a swift easy on, easy off motion because of its magnetic front. Whether CliC glasses are in use or resting comfortably around your neck, it’s one quick motion that makes life with glasses easier… and let’s be honest, life can be hard enough – we can all use something that makes everyday tasks a little easier.


July 29, 2022