Have you ever experienced the frustration of store-bought reading glasses that just don't seem to fit quite right? You know the scenario all too well – you purchase a pair of readers, only to have them slip off your face or lose their shape because you habitually perch them on your head when not in use. Or maybe they never fit quite right to begin with? It's a common struggle for those of us who rely on reading glasses for various tasks throughout the day. But fear not, because we're about to introduce you to a frame that has been a customer favorite, with a sizing solution that revolutionizes the way you experience eyewear. 

Introducing the CliC Original, a frame style that encapsulates all the signature features of our renowned CliC glasses, tailored to your unique comfort and style preferences. What sets the CliC Original apart is its commitment to personalized fit, offering three distinctive sizes: Original, Original - Long, and Original - Expandable. With these size options, CliC ensures that everyone finds their perfect match.

Original Size: Size S-M

The CliC Original size caters to those who prefer a small-medium fit. Designed with precision and style in mind, the Original size offers the timeless CliC design with the added benefit of comfortable wear, making it an ideal choice for various activities. Whether you're engrossed in reading, working on your computer, or simply enjoying outdoor moments, the CliC Original ensures both functionality and fashion.


Original - Long: Size M-L

For those seeking a broader fit, the CliC Original - Long is the answer. With its 35° stem for a wider and more accommodating feel, this frame style ensures a comfortable medium to large fit. The Original - Long doesn't compromise on the iconic CliC design; it simply offers a more spacious option for individuals who value both style and comfort.


Original - Expandable: Size M-XL

CliC understands the importance of a truly comfortable fit, which is why we introduced the CliC Original - Expandable. Designed for larger faces, this frame style boasts the renowned 35° stem angle and also features an adjustable width expansion on the headband. This unique design element allows for an even roomier fit, catering to those who require a large to extra-large size. With the CliC Original - Expandable, you can now enjoy the convenience of CliC glasses while embracing a spacious, comfortable fit that complements your distinctive style.

No Compromise on CliC Quality

Whichever size you choose, rest assured that the CliC Original maintains the exceptional quality, magnetic front connection, and adjustable temple feature that CliC is celebrated for. With the CliC Original line, finding your ideal fit has never been easier. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all and welcome the CliC Original that's tailor-made for you. Discover the comfort, style, and functionality that CliC has been perfecting for years – now available in three distinct sizes to suit your individual preferences. 

See the difference. Hear the CliCk.

October 27, 2023