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As helpful as reading glasses are, they also come with their fair share of challenges - namely, the frustration of losing them.

Looking for your reading glasses.

The feeling of not being able to find your glasses when you need them is all too familiar for many of us. Whether you've set them down somewhere and can't remember where, or you've misplaced them entirely, losing your reading glasses can be a major inconvenience. 

Losing your reading glasses is not just a minor inconvenience, but a major disruption to our daily lives. It can interrupt important tasks, whether it's reading a book, responding to emails or working on your computer. You may need to make do without your glasses and strain your eyes to see text that is too small, causing discomfort and fatigue.

The Quick Fix...

Reading Glasses Strap

So you solve this problem by adding a strap to your drugstore readers. While the purpose of the strap is to keep the glasses secure, they can often swing freely and unpredictably. This lack of control over the movement of the glasses can be frustrating. Whether you're working at a desk, cooking in the kitchen, or simply going about your day, the dangling glasses can get in the way.

And while some straps can be adjusted, they often dangle at a length that is just perfect for falling into your food or getting in the way of what you're doing. It seems like every time you lean forward to take a bite or reach for something, the glasses are there, ready to dip into your meal or knock over an object.

The CliC Solution... 

CliC frames offer a unique feature that sets them apart from other eyewear brands - a permanent headband that ensures your glasses are always around you. Unlike traditional glasses that can be easily misplaced or forgotten, CliC frames stay securely attached to your headband, providing the peace of mind that your glasses won't be left behind. 

CliC Glasses

The front magnetic connection of CliC frames allows them to lay comfortably around your neck without restricting your breathing or movement. Unlike other glasses that feel cumbersome and uncomfortable when hanging around your neck, CliC frames offer an unobtrusive, comfortable solution that ensures they are always within reach when you need them. The easy on, easy off motion of CliC glasses makes them user-friendly, allowing you to seamlessly transition between tasks without any hassle or frustration. With CliC frames, glasses become an easy and essential part of your everyday life and you'll Never Lose Your Glasses Again. Discover your ideal pair of glasses that will never go missing — shop CliC glasses now!

July 10, 2023