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Unbreakable, Magnetic Reading Glasses for Nurses and Doctors!

★★★★★ Incredibly Helpful
As a Nurse I wore these for years for close up medical procedures. They were always available around my neck and never fell off my face into my field.
★★★★★ Best Invention Ever!
I work as a registered nurse and am at the glasses are readily handy when I need them for charting or patient care. Absolutely love them!
ONE LESS THING TO WORRY ABOUT ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "As a Nurse I wore these for years for close up medical procedures. They were always available around my neck and never fell off my face into my field." -Melissa • Roxbury, MA

1. They Move Rooms With You

CliCs travel around your neck, so you never leave them behind. The permanent headband combined with our front magnetic connection allows for CliC glasses to lay around your neck without restriction. As the lenses separate, your CliCs lay comfortably around your neck, keeping them nearby.

2. Similar to Your Stethoscope

It's always around you, with an easy on and off motion. CliC glasses are the only product on the market that provides a swift easy on, easy off motion because of its magnetic front connection. Whether CliC glasses are in use or resting comfortably around your neck, it’s one quick motion that makes life with glasses easier.

3. The Perfect Fit, Every Time

CliCs frames keep their shape and customized fit. Ordinary readers get stretched out as you take them on and off your face (or rest them on your head when not in use). Over time, the frame becomes wide and slip off your nose or are uncomfortable. With adjustable temples, the permanent headband, and our front magnetic connection, CliC glasses always maintain their shape and create the most comfortable fit you've ever felt.

4. 60 Day Guarantee and 6 Month Warranty

You consider risks every day in your profession, we think you deserve a risk-free purchase. The durability of our features is unmatched and we stand behind the product with a 60 day guarantee and 6 month warranty. And did we mention our free exchanges, free returns policy?

5. Your Colleagues Are Convinced

★★★★★ "They are with me all day as I travel from patient to patient, and very convenient." -Amanda • Chicago, IL

★★★★★ "Best gift my wife ever bought me!" -Tim • Colorado Springs, CO

★★★★★ "I always know where they are when I move from working with patients to the computer, I love the Blue Blocking Readers." -Kathy • Rochester, NY

You have enough to worry about... you shouldn't worry about things like returns or warranties.
Worry Free Purchasing


  • Readers, Blue Light Blockers, Bifocals and Progressives
  • Find Your Perfect Frame Style and Color

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© 2023 CliC Eyewear