The short answer to that question is, "Yes! CliCs are for both women and men." So if that satisfies you... go ahead and start shopping for your perfect pair. If you need a bit more convincing, read on.

The CliC brand was designed with both men and women in mind. The concept of convenience and a comfortable fit appeals to both genders. As the product took shape, the original headband design was our rigid style where durability was a focus. This headband can withstand even the roughest care and return to its original, comfortable shape. This original design has been loved by both men and women alike.

However, over time, we noticed our customer base became heavily weighted towards men. Through focus groups and invited feedback, we recognized that although the features of the product appealed to both men and women, the rigid headband didn't accommodate longer hair or modified positioning (like reading in bed or laying back against a couch). Seemingly, our rigid headbands were favored by men.

But we believed our amazing features should be enjoyed by everyone. A solution to the challenges of our rigid headband was the introduction of our Slastik® band line. The soft Slastik® headband style is made with a flexible, elastometric material which allows them to be completely folded into a case. Now, whether you're resting your head against the couch or pillow, our soft band hugs the back of your head and provides flexibility to keep your CliCs from pushing forward or shifting placement. And the pliability of the material allows those with long hair to adjust the headband for perfect placement. 

Although some women find our rigid headband styles suitable for their needs, we now see more women enjoy the CliC features as part of the soft Slastik® headband style. 

But why take our word for it? Shopping with CliC is worry free with our free exchanges and returns, there's no risk. So browse our soft headband collection and find the pair that's perfect for you.

December 22, 2022