Studies prove it is natural to strive for symmetry, particularly when it comes to your face. Humans typically look in the mirror and adjust their bilateral symmetry to match. The way we see ourselves and others make most sense to our brains when a left side and right side reflect one another. Ask any esthetician (esthetician: a trained technician who specializes facial cosmetology), creating matching arches on the left and right eyebrow is an art form. An expectation of facial symmetry is common.

CliC wearers showing symmetrical eye needs for each eye.

So it's natural to assume your right eye and left eye are a perfect match. They look alike, so why wouldn't they need the same magnification strength? This assumption often sends customers to the nearby drugstore for a quick purchase of readers off the rack. But your eyes (and sight) deserve more attention than that. And when each eye is evaluated, often times a need for unique magnification in each eye is identified.

Why Identifying Your Need for Each Eye Strength Is Important

Choosing an inaccurate reading strength can cause blurry vision, headaches, dizziness, a need to hold books differently (about 12 inches is a normal distance), and squinting. It's best to find your personalized magnification strength for each eye. To successfully do this, we recommend using our reading glass eye chart.

How to Use the CliC Eye Chart Method

  • Print this Strength Chart at actual (100%) size.
  • Hold the chart at your desired distance (see illustration below).
  • Cover one eye and read the chart (without glasses) from the top down. Move down, line by line and when you can read a full line clearly, look at the strength listed and place your order. 
  • Complete the previous bullet point while covering the other eye. 

If You Need the Same Strength For Each Eye:
Once you've identified your magnification need for each individual eye, you may find that you are symmetrical. Each of your eyes need the exact same reading lens support. If that's the case, shop on!  (and congratulations... not all of us are). Begin browsing the right CliC frame for you.

If Your Eyes Need Different Strengths:

Did the eye chart test prove that your eyes are not identical? No worries, you're not alone. We offer custom lenses for your left and right eye - you simply need to shop our Custom Collection and select what you need. Our team will make the perfect pair for you.

It is our priority to find you the perfect pair of readers. With CliC's front magnetic connection and secure headband, you can adjust your readers to fit around your face and your neck. The front magnetic connection makes taking them on and off quick and easy. That technology along with the adjustable temple feature; exclusive to the CliC glasses design will have you loving your CliCs the moment you put them on. This feature allows you to expand or reduce the length of the permanent headband, adding ways for you to find the comfort you deserve in a pair of glasses.

So whether we are helping you determine your magnification, identify the headband type that's best for your lifestyle, or adjust the CliC temples for your perfect fit - we can't wait for you to love your CliCs.