There are few things better than being greeted in the morning with rays of sunshine coming through the window. For many of us, the sunshine often brings opportunities to read the paper on the patio, keep score on the golf course, and browse the menu as you sit outside to dine with friends. The arrival of the sun greets us with warmth and fresh air... but it also brings the struggle to protect our eyes from the sun while supporting the proper need for reading magnification. That's where CliC's come in.

CliC glasses now offer both Sun Readers and Sun Bifocals (polarized and non-polarized options), two unique solutions created to accommodate your unique glasses wearing needs. To determine which lens design is most suitable for you, you'll need to understand the difference between them. Here's a quick look at the CliC Sun Reader and CliC Sun Bifocal so you can decide which pair you'll be CliCking on next.

Sun Readers

CliC Sun Readers take our traditional reading lens with full magnification and engineer it into a sun lens composition. The reading component improves your ability to focus on the smaller text without needing to hold the text further away. Resolving this clarity issue is also known to improve headaches, blurry vision and eye strain. The tinted lens supplements protection from conditions the sun can advance. Cataracts, macular degeneration or blurred vision are all conditions that you’re more likely to suffer from if your eyes aren’t shielded  from direct sunlight. Additionally, exposure to the sun leads to headaches, temporary blurred vision and eye discomfort. This combination of magnification and sun lens protection is as necessary as that first application of sunscreen... so, enjoy the novel from your beach chair, but be sure you have your CliC Sun Readers on as you settle in to the next chapter.

Sun Bifocals

Sun Bifocals is the intersection where your eyes have naturally progressed to the point of needing artifical compensation but your lifestyle has far too much movement for you to settle on a pair of Sun Readers. The bifocal lens provides a layered approach to improving your glasses experience in the sunshine. The lower half of the lens offers magnification while the top half gives standard sunglasses protection. It's when you want a quick way to switch your eye needs without slowing down. 

Add our polarized and non-polarized options to these Sun Bifocals and you'll find yourself enjoying the outdoors more freely. Whether you're reading at the park and looking up to track down your children, enjoying the newspaper on the patio and occasionally gazing at the landscape, or watching a baseball game with frequently glances to the program to see what player made the out - you'll be happy to have your CliC Sun Bifocals on-hand.

There are many sun options, why CliCs?

CliC glasses have made their mark on the map because of the exclusive frame features that accompany every pair. The front magnetic connection provides an easy on, easy off motion. The permanent headband guarantees your glasses are always around you and the adjustable temple establishes a comfort for every wearing position. And CliC's frame style is the perfect way to keep your Sun Readers and Sun Bifocals, always around you.

So go ahead, greet the sun with excitement as the rays shine through your window. Make your plans to read by the pool or play golf. Apply sunscreen, wear a hat, and most importantly, invest in a pair of Sun Readers or Sun Bifocals by CliC... your eyes will thank you.

April 27, 2023