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There are a number of differences between a traditional strap from a drugstore and the CliC headband. The most significant include the frame support, the placement of hanging glasses and the flexible positioning. Our soft and rigid headbands are made from substantial material that allows wearers to rely on the headband to aid in these benefits.

 1. Frame Support

Because drugstore straps are simply an accessory, not a permanent part of the glasses, they don't support the structural contour of the frame. And although a drugstore headband strap is sufficient for some, with a CliC soft or rigid headband you are assured maximum comfort when wearing your glasses... and here's why. The on and off motion of glasses can compromise the integrity of the frame, misshaping how the glasses fit on your face. Over time, the frame becomes more and more distorted, and eventually your glasses feel more like a contorted piece of plastic that you twist to sit somewhat straight across your nose. CliC headbands are truly an extension of the frame, supporting the fit and creating the most comfortable fit you've ever felt.

2. Ideal Placement of Hanging Glasses

The use of chains or a strap involves other inconveniences due to the bulkiness of the glasses hanging from the neck, allowing the glasses to move and sway. We have heard time and time again that using a drugstore strap leaves glasses to hang across your chest at the most troublesome height, just waiting to fall into your meal or project. In addition, ordinary glasses hanging around the neck are in a closed position, because they are without the CliC magnetic connection, and are likely to become broken. The permanent CliC headband, combined with the magnetic connection, allows for glasses to be separated and placed easily just below the collar bone. This placement keeps glasses from becoming problematic or interfering with typical actions or activities. Glasses stay fixed to the permanent headband and out of your way until you need them next. It's the most convenient way to never misplace your glasses again!

3. Flexibility in Every Scenario

Standard drugstore straps don't contribute to the perfect fit for your glasses or keeping them comfortably in place as you read or work. The CliC headband has adjustments to provide an opportunity to custom fit your glasses based on use. It's often noted that CliC customers utilize the sizing features on the headband to allow their glasses to sit higher or lower on their nose, depending upon what they are looking at. For CliC wearers, it's understood that the customization creates a gentle hold around your face, keeping your glasses in exactly the right place so you can carry on with your day. Whether you're laying down, being active or leaning back against a pillow - your priority is to get comfortable and the CliC headband will ensure your glasses stay exactly where you want them.

4. Quality and Length

The type of glasses strap we all remember is made of inexpensive material that often breaks at the most inopportune time. The flimsy nylon or lightweight chain can only withstand so much wear and tear before it needs to be replaced. Although inexpensive at the time, continually replacing the strap becomes costly and still doesn't fulfill the benefits you'll enjoy with a CliC headband. This quality issue leads directly into the problem with length. Most drugstore straps are unnecessarily long. This leads to tangling when the glasses are both on or being stored somewhere. The CliC headband is always the ideal length as it is fitted to your unique head size and whether you're considering a rigid or soft headband, both are made with high quality material. Our rigid headband is designed to withstand the roughest care and return to their original, comfortable shape while our soft headband accommodates headband movement and positioning; both produced with materials we are proud to stand behind.

Still not convinced? Our free exchanges and free returns should help you make your decision. Go ahead, find a pair of CliC's you love and give them a try. You'll fall in love faster than you can untangle your drugstore glasses strap.

January 26, 2023