CliC Blue Blocker Original - Long


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Magnification Strength
Headband Type: Rigid Headband

This Frame Style Features a Rigid Headband. Every frame style is designed with either rigid or soft headband material and are not interchangeable. Depending on your preference, you can shop by rigid or soft headband type here.

Size Range: (M-L) Medium-Large
Glasses measurement chart


Features on the CliC Blue Blocker Original - Long Style:

Magnetic Front Connection

Adjustable Temples

180° Hinges

Wider Temple

Optical Quality

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Let's find your HEAD MEASUREMENT Using a string or measuring tape, measure around your head, starting and ending where you would like your glasses to sit on your nose.
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CliC Blue Blocker Original - Long

Innovation you can only find here.

The Original Long frame design has been a constant presence among the CliC collections. The frame takes on the Original style but added additional length in the temples. It’s no surprise that CliC wearers quickly became fascinated with this alternative to the Original. The attractive design and convenient features combined with the extended length has made the Original Long successful.

Created with blue light technology that reflects blue-light rays from entering your eyes, this frame is a must if you are spending time in front of a digital screen. The blue blocking lens combined with your magnification strength give these glasses dual purpose.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Roger Way
Magical Quality and Value!

I've worn off-brand magnetic readers for a couple of years now and really enjoy the convenience. All of my earlier magnetic readers were cheaply made and broke after a few months of use. These Clics are sturdy, VERY well made and promote an executive image. I expect them to easily outlast the off-brand specs making them well worth the cost. The sizing chart was spot on correct and my Clics are comfortable and always at hand. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer writing and have noticed a reduction in headaches and eyestrain which I ascribe to the quality of the lenses and the Blue Blocker. An added bonus, I am a professional theatrical magician, so people are often surprised when I "break and restore" my readers. I can't tell you how many times I have heard, "Where can I get a pair?" Abracadabra!

Blue Blocker

Great glasses, not only do I not loose them I don't get headaches anymore.

Boris Shimberg
Functional, but with one downside

This is a great idea, very functional glasses to use on multiple occasions. However, not being able to put it into any sort of case or lack of any cover when not being worn - the lens are getting dirty constantly