CliC Blue Blocker Tube Pantos

Magnification Strength

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Soft Headband

This Frame Style Features a Soft Headband. Every frame style is designed with either rigid or soft headband material and are not interchangeable. Depending on your preference, you can shop by rigid or soft headband type here.

Size Measurements
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Features on the CliC Blue Blocker Tube Pantos Style:

Magnetic Front Connection

Adjustable Temples

Optical Quality

CliC Blue Blocker Tube Pantos

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
R Wilson
CliC Blue Blocker tube Pantos

After a few weeks of wearing my new CliC's, I'm very happy that I got them. They are very comfortable, look great and, are always there when I need them. It's a great concept that has been executed into a great product. Well done!

David McClure
Great lenses!

Love the convenience of the magnetic connection. The lenses themselves are leaps and bounds better than drugstore readers...much more clear without irregularities. Blue blocking is noticeable and effective. I felt the relief around my eyes right away after putting them on. Recommended!

Carl Nolte
Clic Glasses

I have purchased 4 pair of Clic glasses in the last week; 2 reading, 1 computer support and 1 sun glass readers. They are wonderful. I purchased my first pair of Clic glasses; reading, in 2008 and they stayed with me until 2016 when I lost them. Clic glasses are wonderful and I always look for them.