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CliC Tube Readers are incredibly adjustable and durable – manufactured in TR90 and silicone, the Tube collection is characterized by a soft headband that is unique due to it encompasses all head sizes from S to XXL. The CliC Tube is perfect for everyone in all occasions. The Tube can be used not only as a simple pair of reading glasses, but it is perfect for sports and activities that require an extensive use of your reading glasses. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Paul E May

    I have had several pairs of CliC readers that all broke on the temple pieces or back adjustment after use

    These looked interesting and felt they would not break like the previous pairs. I am concerned they are too flexible and need constant adjustments

    Time will tell

    suzanne schulz
    Good for what I need.

    Didn’t like the newest kind but do like the originals

    James Allen
    Awesome glasses

    I love the soft back band on these glasses. I can adjust it to be able to lay my head back on the chair when reading. The color, however, does not look good on me, so I exchanged them for a lighter colored pair. I love these glasses so much!

    elizabeth harbert

    CliC Reader Tube Pantos

    James Love
    Great Reading Glasses

    I purchased both Tube and Slastik readers to compare. Nothing I could find on the Clic web site explained the difference. As it turns out, the Tube readers have more of a rubbery band around the back; the Slastik readers have more of an elastic cord around the back. In addition, the band on the Slastik readers is adjustable. I find both comfortable, even leaning my head back against a surface. However, I find that I need to adjust the band on the Slastik readers every time I put them on, because it adjusts so easily that it loosens, without intent, simply in the act of taking them off. For that reason alone, I find the Tube readers to be easier to use. Happy with both, though.

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