Slastik Blue Blocker Barat

Magnification Strength
Need a different strength for each eye? Visit our CliC Rx site to customize lens options for this frame.

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Headband Details

This Frame Style Features a Soft Headband. Every frame style is designed with either rigid or soft headband material and are not interchangeable. View here for more information.

Size Measurements
Glasses measurement chart


Features on the Slastik Blue Blocker Barat Style:

Magnetic Front Connection

Adjustable Temples

Foldable Glasses

Slastik Blue Blocker Barat

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Douglas Tindol
Slastik Blue Blocker Barat

I love the fit, style and the clarity of these glasses. I've noticed that my eyes are not as tired at the end of the day. Thank you for a fine product!

Karl Perkins
They keep getting better

I have been using CliCs for about ten years now. Before they came out with their blue blockers I had to limit my “screen time”, which I hated. I’m a computer freak. I love my Macs. And now I love my CliC Blue Blockers. I only wish they would make the Sonoma in a Blue Blocker. It was my very first CliC Reader and remains as my very favorite. Don’t get me wrong. I love all of them and I will never abandon my CliCs. It’s just that the Sonoma was my favorite. I always get asked, “Where did you get those?”. Try them. They have the greatest customer service and they won’t let you be dissatisfied. I know that if you try a pair you will soon be writing your very own rave review.

Bruce Redden

These glasses are incredible!
I can see far and near my computer area with the +1.
Need another pair for home.