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Ewok Blue Blocker

Magnification Strength
Need a different strength for each eye or more lens options? Visit our CliC Rx site to customize lens options for this frame.

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Headband Details

This Frame Style Features a Soft Headband. Every frame style is designed with either rigid or soft headband material and are not interchangeable. View here for more information.

Size Measurements
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Customer Reviews

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Slastik Blue Blocker Ewok

Robert Hilton
Fantastic glasses

The CliC blue blocker reading glasses are wonderful, and the flexibility back strap is very comfortable. I've been wearing the regular hard back frames for years and they are great but these are the best.

Leo Olivarez
Read this and Consider My Points

I work in law enforcement and am constantly on the move. I lost the first pair of these I bought a while back. I attributed it to the length of the band. After receiving this latest pair, I again think that the band length is too short. I often inadvertently fling one side or both sides over my shoulder. I recommend extending the rubber band a good four inches to make them hang a bit lower. I also recommend adding hinges that allow the glasses to bend the corners of the lense piece (inward). I have another pair of clics that have a rigid band that bend at the corner of the outside lens hinges that are awesome. This recent pair does not have that hinge. Hope this helps! I also bought my wife a pair recently. She loves them and gets asked about them all the time.