Slastik Reader Nashi

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Our unique patented neodymium magnetic system allows the glasses to come together at the bridge. The head band is form-fitting and wraps around your head to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. Putting them on is simple. Just place the band around your head and let the magnets draw together at the bridge.

Want to take them off? No problem. Just pull the magnets apart and the glasses will hang comfortably around your neck.

Front Magnetic Connection

4800 Gauss strength magnet with antioxidant, anti-sweat and anti-salt water coating provides a strong front connection.

Soft & Foldable Headband

Double-injection flexible elastomeric headband provides a comfortable, perfect fit to your head and allows the glasses to be completely folded into a case.

Adjustable Temples

All of our eyewear is designed to adjust at the temples with a simple pull to provide a perfect fit.

Lightweight Frame

The weight is distributed around the entire perimeter, providing you with maximum comfort and adaptation to the shape and size of the head.


All CliC Eyewear is designed to adjust at the temples for a perfect fit. If a certain style says it is a S-L that means it is a "Small" when the temples are closed and a "Large" when the temples are fully extended.

Frame width Frame width Lens width Lens width Lens height Lens height Bridge width Bridge width Temple length Adjustable temple length Frame width Headband type
M-XL 5 5/8 in 2 1/8 in 1 1/4 in 1/2 in 7 1/2 to 8 1/4 in Soft
Frame width Frame width 5 5/8 in
Lens width Lens width 2 1/8 in
Lens height Lens height 1 1/4 in
Bridge width Bridge width 1/2 in
Temple length Temple length 7 1/2 to 8 1/4 in
Headband Type Frame width Soft

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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Love them!!!

A huge step above cheap readers which are always misplaced. They areaways where I want them and are very flexible!!! The overall sizing is perfect; only wish the lens itself were smaller for a woman’s eyes. Most Clic glass lenses seem to be large.

Julie Wyman
The title was good.

I was disappointed that the hinge doesn't hinge out, it makes it so the glass touches my skin and smeres the glasses.

Susan Hauser
Great new design

I really like the flexible head band. It is more comfortable for me. The old hard headband was always a little too tight on my temples. And it is nice that the glasses can be folded to fit in a small case.

Frank Dowd
First time user

I am very satisfied with the quality and convenience of these glasses. The online ordering and delivery was excellent! The only thing disappointing is that you do not carry +2.25 magnification in this style which is what my eye doctor says my prescription should be.

Ralph Davis
Replacement Lens

Dealing with Clic was great but I ordered the wrong lens😩. Would not fit🤔😥😩

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