Slastik Blue Blocker Windu


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Magnification Strength
Headband Type: Soft Headband

Rigid Headband: Durable, firm headband material that contours with a typical headshape and withstands the roughest care.

Soft Headband: Made with a flexible, elastometric material which hugs the back of the head to accommodate all headband movement and positioning. Whether you're resting your head against the couch or pillow this headband keeps your CliCs from pushing forward or shifting placement. 

The soft headband styles are able to be completely folded into a case. (Excluding the Tube style)

Frame Size: (M-XL) Medium-Extra Large
Glasses measurement chart


Features on the Slastik Blue Blocker Windu Style:

Magnetic Front Connection

Adjustable Temples

180° Hinges

Foldable Glasses

Optical Quality

Need Help Finding Your Size?
Let's find your HEAD MEASUREMENT Using a string or measuring tape, measure around your head, starting and ending where you would like your glasses to sit on your nose.
For more information on sizing visit our SIZING PAGE.

Slastik Blue Blocker Windu

Innovation you can only find here.

The upper rim of the Windu frame makes it stand out from the others with its elongated curve across the brow. With a slightly smaller lens height, the Windu makes a refined statement as it naturally compliments your face.

Created with blue light technology that reflects blue-light rays from entering your eyes, this frame is a must if you are spending time in front of a digital screen. The blue blocking lens combined with your magnification strength give these glasses dual purpose.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Joe n
Been clic-ing for ~8 years!

Love the slastic frames and blue blocking lenses!

John Graham

Slastik Blue Blocker Windu

Scott Bennett
Love my Slastik Windu"s

I love my new glasses
They are around my neck at all times
I prefer the relaxed band in the back.When people see me put them on they say it's so cool.Nice to have them at my fingertips.